How to do copy paste in VNC on Mac without any external software or mouse

As a developer you might be using VNC frequently. But new Mac user will find there is no Shift+Insert or middle click option available in Mac. Using these key combinations it is possible paste content in VNC (Windows) but these keys are not present in Mac.

So here is the alternate I use

In the VNC window you will see the Settings tab. Click there you will find Configure Shortcuts.  As in the image below

VNC copy paste shortcut
VNC configure shortcut

If you scroll you will find various option to configure. Click on Paste and select Custom and then click the button next to it to set your  shortcut for paste. In my case I have selected command+v as the shortcut for paste. Similarly you can set command+c the shotcut for copy.

Thus whenever you select any lines on your VNC just click command C to copy and command V to paste it.

However if the above do not work, say if you are working in xterm instead of konsole. Then how can you paste items from clipboard easily ? Usually if you highlight text it gets copied but there is no option to paste without using mouse. If you had a mouse a middle click would have served the purpose. So now without a mouse we need to have some trigger which acts as a mouse middle click. To serve this purpose I use MagicPrefs.

Install MagicPrefs. Once done it appears in the top menu, as you can see in the picture below

Screen Shot MagicPrefs in Menu bar

Now Click, MagicPrefs->Prefences, it open up

Screen Shot MagicPrefs Preference

Set the 3 finger click middle click option. That’s it. For a quick test open your terminal from dock (or VNC) highlight any text (gets copied in clipboard). Now do a 3 finger tap to paste.

If this was helpful to you, please share and let me know your comments below.